Cancuaay Private Beach Resort; A Quick Dip!

8:22 AM

Relaxing at the hammock while hearing the snoozy sea lap gently!

Sun, water, salty, waves, chilling, love, beach hair, sandy toes, tan skin, fun, sand and relax…We all love a deep blue sea! 🌊

Summer is here! I know that you've been planning to escape from the busy, noisy life at the city or even trying to avoid the heavy traffic and polluted air! Well, if you haven't planned your vacay yet, Cancuaay Private Beach Resort is a must to visit! 

The place itself speaks the beauty of nature and it's a stress free zone! Aside from the beauty it offers, it is also very inexpensive. For just a 100 php entrance fee you can enjoy the life you've never imagined and be delighted by the view.
After our exploit to Aguinid Falls, me and my friends head straight to Cancuaay (which is 45 minutes away from Aguinid) to have our lunch, but sadly they don't offer food there and to our surprised the girl told us that they can buy us food provided that we will give a 100 php (bribe). We ended up ordering pizza!  Tip:  You're allowed to bring your own food or have it grilled there and there’s no corkage. 

What caught our attention was the laid-back style of architecture of the cottages and the different rock formations. Aside from the rocks is the hammock placed at the beach. It’s the best place to unwind after a busy tiring week. We’re just unlucky because the time of our visit the waves are very high and the sea was buzzing with its dynamic strength. The waves didn’t hinder our excitement to go swimming even though we’re very tired. 

I can't find the words how beautiful that side trip was, amusing and haunting all at once. 

Below are the pictures that will showcase the beauty of the beach.

A 175 steps towards the seashore

Top view where you can see Sumilon Island!

You will be delighted by the view after the 175 steps


View from our cottage

I love the simplicity of the stairs!

one of the rock formations

 rock formations

me and my friend Cindy! :)

Just trying to have a good angle! XD

Just feeding my eyes on the view

enjoying the big waves!

It's like I'm in the cave! Lol.

See you again!

How to get to Cancuaay Beach Resort:

From South Bus Terminal Cebu City hop on a “Bato via Oslob” bound bus for 3-4 hours travel time. (Just tell the bus conductor to drop you at Cancuaay beach resort. If he doesn't know it just tell him beside Seafari Beach Resort).  (It's also near to the whale shark vicinity.)

Buses Operates from 1 AM - 9 PM  From South Bus Terminal to Oslob: 

Ceres Bus Fare (non-air-conditioned): 150+ php

Ceres Bus Fare (air-conditioned): 155 php Travel time : 2-4 hours (depends on the traffic)

Since we already booked our room reservation at MB’s Sunrise View Resort, I’ll just give you an insight about their rates and their accommodations.


Php100/pax – Day tour (includes electricity, cottage and no corkage)
Php300/pax – Overnight

For rent:

Php60 – Snorkel
Php100 – life vest for rent
Php100 – Beach ball
Php200 – Body board
Php1200 – TENT (max 4 person) includes: sofa, blankets, and pillows

Php3500 – max. 16 persons. Island hopping (Sumilon Island)
Php4500 – bedroom ( prior reservation)

(Sad to say, the floaters are already damaged!)

For reference, you can also reach them through these numbers: 09176217009 or 09068894868 or email them at

Hope this helps! :)  


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  1. Wow! The place looks great and it's very affordable. I'm looking forward to this when I visit Cebu. I'll definitely recommend this place to my group! Thanks. :)

  2. The pictures are dreamy! The waters are my kind of blue as well. I wish I will be able to visit this place! You're so lucky, frenny! :)

  3. Thank you I am glad about the encouragement! I love your site, you post outstanding hotel booking engine open source


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